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We care - responsibly

Avitar is dedicated to profitable financial results for all parties involved while promoting healthy sustainable environmental standards. Since 1992 Avitar has bought, brokered, and sold prime and surplus chemicals used in wide ranging industrial sectors. Avitar has solved problems with surplus, aged, and off-specification inventories, damaged packaging, customer returns, obsolete materials, off-color, mislabeled, misbranded, misguided, wayward, unclaimed, end- of-run production, lost and found inventories, plant closings, purges, gluts and remainders of too much and too many.

Avitar's dedication to the environment

Annually Avitar recovers millions of pounds of perfectly usable materials which would have otherwise been land filled, incinerated, or lost all economic value. We work with manufactures, distributors, governmental agencies, end users, brokers, insurance and salvage operators, side by side to recover maximum value from materials which only need a second chance.

We principally serve the following industries:

Surfactants, soaps, defoamers.
Rubber and polymers.
Agricultural industries.
Oil, including drilling fluids and green fracking materials.
Specialty chemicals.
Fragrances and dyes.
Water treatment.

If our materials are usable in your application we will save you a substantial amount of money.

Avitar always respects any marketing limitations set by our manufacturers as well as the needs and integrity of our customers. 

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