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If you are selling or have surplus material...

Avitar participates in your inventory management. How may we help you? Our asset management evaluation sheet is a great place to start (see below.) Consider your needs and contact us. 

Maximizing value from surplus assets.

Avitar's relationships with various manufacturers enable us to purchase surplus materials to be sold into established markets.  We respect any marketing limitations set by our manufacturers and respect the needs and integrity of our customers.

Our goals:

Show pride in our efforts and display that pride to our customers and our own children

Understand the complexities of the business puzzle.  Each piece must fit and add value.  The environmental piece, a financial piece, the human piece and a functional piece, each contributing to added value for everyone involved.

Maximize resources to create highest value. Business is prosperous when the full value of all materials and services are realized.  We realize that minimizing waste and increasing efficiency is not only "green" but also good business.

Inventory Assessment Help.

We understand obtaining and updating inventories can be a challenge. If your company needs help and there is ample opportunity, Avitar is willing to travel to your facility to help, evaluate, assist, or whatever is required of us.


The warehouse people say, “Get this off my floor; it takes valuable space and extra time to deal with it."

First line managers say, “This surplus product shows poorly on my reports. Why am I wasting money and labor to keep this around?”

Senior management says “These assets are non-performing, why are they here? Our money is better utilized in performing assets.”

Accounting says “These assets are non-productive; they are depreciated, and reflect poorly on the books.”

The CEO says “Why can’t the departments handle this in a cost efficient manner? We need to make some changes. Do something now!”

Stockholders and owners say “We demand the best return on our money. Are you as a company maximizing our returns?”  

Avitar says, "We will help!" We're all in this together. The harder it is for buyers to determine value, the lower the price they will offer.

Asset Management Evaluation:

To maximize the value of your surplus assets good information is required. If you do not know your answers, that is why we are here!

1. What are management’s expectations when disposing of surplus assets?

Are those goals and expectations clearly communicated?
Is the goal to improve the process?
Is the goal to free cash?
Is the goal to minimize disposal costs?
Is the goal to free production assets, i.e. space, money, time?

2. Know what you have.  There is value in the details.

Accurate information.

3. What is the buyer population and where are they?

Target markets.
Is this an asset your company would buy from another company in your industry? 

4. What is the demand?

Fair market value depends on demand, actual and/or created.

5. What are restrictions of sale?

Are you willing to allocate time and money to dispose of your surplus?
What is the time factor?
Specification/contamination issues.
Limitations of markets. Protecting your market is paramount. Eroding existing markets is counter-productive.

At Avitar, we will answer your questions. May we help solve your problems?

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