In our search for quality surplus chemicals, often times we come across interesting material that piques our interests. Most of the time, it's something related to the chemical industry. However, somtimes it's not. It is however, always interesting! Take a look at some of the more colorful items we've come across while trolling the internet, library, and journals we frequent. You'll find a mix of good articles, music, jokes and other random items below.



Music Links

Periodic table of the elements Tom Lehrer
Marie Curie chemical party


Chemically-Oriented Shakespearian Insults


Simply combine a word from each of the three columns below, prefaced with "Thou."



Nucleus-brained caustic-tongued nematode
Pathetic sulfur-laden wax-wad
Silicone-encased acid-breathed fatty acid
Hydrogenated fission-created chelating-agent
Guano-loving anhydrous globulin man
Dichloronated benzene ring rust bucket
Germ-laced mercaptain mouthed yeast doodler
Mercurial iridescent-eyed quark
Cellulosic polyetherized ion
Spineless graphite fingered pultrusion
Stearate coated proton less test-tube human
Environmentally encrusted malt-worm
Graphene eucalyptus-eating mucus diner
Socially-poisoned dolt-pocked filthy vessel
Iron headed calorie-laden millipede
Vitriol aliphatically-spineless starfish


Almost Chemically-Oriented Shakespearian Compliments


Golden-tongued soft-hearted rare-earth
Beautiful patina lanolin covered sunray
Computer-aided hypoallergenic superoxide
Glucose covered pearlescent smiling human
Celestial thunder-darting trickster
Precious young-eyed true penny
Flowering  honey tongued valentine
Delicate platinum-eyed lover
Wonderfully helpful co-worker


Science-oriented or Interesting Links


Science Friday Periodic Table
Weights & Measures Arguably the best website out there


Interesting Stories


The one about grease and the bear.
A classic...




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