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Silica, specifically amorphous precipitated silica is an amazing material used widely and safely in countless industries.

We currently offer silica in two basic forms, powdered and larger particle size (non-dusting). Our silicas are suitable for 100’s of kinds of rubber products. We also have silicas used as free-flow agents a/k/a anti-caking agents for feeds, fertilizers, powdered laundry detergents, and most powders that need improved flowability and shelf life. Silicas are also widely used in industrial defoaming agents.

Silicas also have a unique ability to absorb liquids without reacting with them. They ‘carry’ the liquid, so they are known as carriers. Many people think of silica as sand. Chemically this is true, however there are several major differences. Our silicas are man-made with very high purity standards, and as a matter of fact are used in human foods. Further our silicas are amorphous, therefore safe.

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